Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poptropica Game Releases Adventure Time Costumes

I really can't believe it. Up to this momentus day, most of my sites are still under konsruction. I've been trying my best to update them, but I don't think I can do this anymore. Maybe it's because of the the lack of imaginative brain juices. BRNGGH! The giant robo-blender grinded up everything into a bloody  shittzy milkshake...and I even wonder about myself sometimes.
Ok. The big grand thing of today is the awesome new costumes Poptropica released!
Yeah, everyone knowxs that the best show premering on Cartoon Network is Adventure Time. It's a great funny cartoon and over time even I got to luv Adventure Time. That's also how I got two strikes with 1 left before I get my youtube account removed. >_<             -DOH!-

Geee...So right now, I'm currently making a video all by myself. I'm not much of an active player on Poptropica but when I found out of this Adventure Time Advertisement game, I decided to show you guys what's it's like and create some walkthrough. The game is only playable for a limited time on the Wimpy Kid Island so hurry up and PLAY. While I get everything arranged for the soon vid, I'm gonna explain the two characters I posted above: Finn the human and Jake the dog in thier natural forms in the game!

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